Dogwood 16'x 18''
Sharks R side 60'' tall
Sharks L side 60'' tall
Cedar Salmon 30''long R side
Cedar Salmon 30' long L side
Sord Fish R side 60'' tall
Sord fish L side 60' tall
Mahi Mahi L side 40''tall
Mahi Mahi R side 40 ' tall
trout L side 36''long
trout R side 36' long
bill fish 13' tall R side
bill fish 13' tall L side
Trout finished on both sides 14'' & 40 '
dolphin ( Hackberry ) 20'' tall 48''
(wicked tuna) cherry wood 20'tall 50''long_edited
(sail-fish ) 25_ tall 46_long _edited
sold Abstract of tropical
abstract of tropical
turnings- home sweet home-3
turnings- home sweet home-2
peace pipe
patina of age
patina of age
a bowl in a bowl with a fenneal
turnings-hard-working-turtles_r-side copy
turnings-hard-working-turtles_4 copy
turnings-hard-working-turtles_1 copy
turnings-hard-working-turtles-l-side copy
When Turtles Fly
Loupe D Loupe.jpg
Turtle burl Sold
Turtle Burl ldi.jpg
The Enlightened Warrior & His Keepe
The Keeper
Not SPAM  sold !!
Southern Belle  sold
Sunflower , Multi Axes , Turnip
Hand Held  front side
Persimmon Captive Ring
Big Wet Kiss ( front side )
Big Wet Kiss  (bark side )
Turnip Head
Little something !!
Twins Mahogany and Basswood
Red Rock Canyon
redrock canyon  back LR.jpg
wall art Mahagany
Home to spacely Sprockets
Scarry Snakes
Ballance ( Sonoran Desert Wood )
Very Barkey
Multi Axes
Sculpture ( Maple )
Cherry  Bark Edge
Smiley Face
Apple 7 bowls
Bird's eye  Maple Hollow Form's  x 3_0001.JPG
Wiskey Breath & Ashtray Mouth
Whiskey Mouth & Ashtray Breath
Green Bowl
Multi AXES
Foot Ball Bat
Scary Fishes
Hollow Form
Bark Edge Bowl (McKissick )
Crabby old Man
When Turtles Fly Multi Axes Spacely
Sonoran Desert Iron Wood
Foot Ball Batt

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