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"through the door came the regular hum of the lathe. the princess timidly opened the door which moved noislessly and easly. She paused at the entrance. The prince was working at the lathe and after glancing around continued his WORK.  -Leo Tolstoy- War and Peace 1869  

                  About *Ver-Bi-Age (a manner of expression ) 
                                        * Making Sawdust *

      I like to dabble in a little watercolor, acrylic painting and of course photography ! But deep down inside I am a Woodworker. As much pleasure as I get from putting brush to canvas or watercolor paper, I find wood is more of  a spiritual connection. With a deeper understanding and appreciation for the things that are often taken for granted, wood is a medium that allows me to be creative. I never cut living trees to create my pieces, instead I use reclaimed pieces of wood from fallen trees or pieces of wood that friends have given me... by this I mean the wood of all species and origin. I use reclaimed fallen champion trees , family heirloom trees or simply a piece of firewood from the bottom of the stack. To me, it's not about taking from nature but giving back and utilizing what nature gives me . I take a piece of wood and study the subtle color and variations of the grain, texture of the bark and perhaps the holes nature has already instilled in the wood. I listen to it and let it tell me what lies beneath the bark. I consider it a sort of rebirth of a particular piece of wood. There is something magical and always challenging about working with the Lathe and carving tools... I call it Making Sawdust !!!   There is nothing repetitive when working with wood. Each piece is a different challenge and no two pieces are the same. Creating bowls, vases and sculpture is a relaxing process. I find great pleasure in transforming the natural beauty that already exists just hidden beneath the bark.  My passion is to share the creative process with everyone.  
    I was born in Alamogordo, New Mexico, probably under a cactus tree!  I grew up in an Air Force Family enviroment , living all over the country. My family moved to Wetumpka Alabama in 1975 where I attended Wetumpka High School and studied art with artist and educator Bobby Carr. After graduating, I continued to study art with Walter Keith of Montgommery Al. Although I studied painting with Carr and Keith, I am a self taught sculptor woodworker.  I have learned this craft by trial and error.  I laid the paint brush down for over 25 years . In 2009 I began to try to paint again - hard to teach an old dog new tricks! My wife, Cindy and I have been married since 1977. Together we share the love of outdoors and the beauty nature has to offer. Our home is on beautiful Lake Martin, Alabama . My studio is right at the waters edge, opening up to all the inspiring sights and sounds of nature's wonders.  I started a shutter business in 1986 called Custom Shutter and Millwork.  It was during this time that I truly became consumed with the love of woodworking .  
   I have now retired and turned the business over to our son,Heath. He was born in 1981 and wise beyond his years. This Young man is fast approaching the status of master craftsman .  Heath is a truly gifted craftsman having grown up in the shop since age 3 !  He started out building bird houses, then even more elaborate bird houses! Then cabinets and furniture for the bird houses! Who knows what will be next!

                                              *Making Sawdust*


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